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Working Student

MFP is looking for a young, ambitious equestrian or animal lover to be a part of our mission in developing well-rounded horsemen and women!

What is a working student? What does it involve?

Being a working student is a great opportunity for a young and ambitious person passionate about horses and other animals to learn more about what it takes to run a farm and care for horses and other livestock through an educational experience. This opportunity would work well for a student interested in internship credits in agriculture or farming.

Duties include and ar
en't limited to:

  • Cleaning stalls

  • Miscellaneous farm chores as needed

  • Watering and feeding

  • Grooming

  • Daily health and wellness checks

  • Turnout

Working students are not only rewarded with hands-on learning, but also horseback riding lessons and possible clinics.

We are open to part-time or full-time (under 33 hours) help, ranch/farm hands are welcome to contact us.





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