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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you ride your Percheron horses?
    Yes you can!! Percherons make great riding horses. They are gentle, willing learners. Strong spirited with a special disposition. If you need help getting your horse ride ready, contact us. We can help!
  • Do you cut your Percheron horses tails?
    We dock their tails when they are only a few weeks old by banning them with a tool that puts a rubber band tightly around the bone causing that part of the tail to fall off. It doesn’t hurt them at all.
  • How much hay do your Percheron horses eat?
    They eat (1) bale of hay a day per horse.
  • What is the biggest draft horse?
    #1 Percheron Belgian, Dutch Draft.
  • Are Percherons horses the strongest draft horse?
    #1 Belgian #5 Percherons
  • How big is (1) hand??
    1 hand = 4 inches
  • Is there an age requirement for lessons?
    5 years and older!
  • What should I bring to my first lesson?
    Helmets are required for lessons. We have a few onsite but a personal snug fitting helmet is always prefered. Gloves, especially in the colder months and a Camera!! We want to document all the fun you will be having! Closed toed shoes or boots/ long pants are preferred.
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