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Our Percherons

Percheron draft horses originated in France near Normandy, province of Le Perche. They carried Knights into Battle serving the knights well with their pristine breed. They were not used in fields for work like other draft breeds because they were light, sure footed, and very spirited with much strength. Later agricultural began to take precedence over battles and the Percherons were used for field work. They were bred for size but yet very elegant. Carriage rides in big cities, sleigh rides, hayrides and parades around the world is where you would find them. They are the Gentle Giants of the Drafts! Percherons love attention, love to perform, and show off their beauty and refined style. They make great riding horses being alert willing learners, with a calm temperament. You will see Black and Gray Percherons that are owned by many. Percherons will be your friend for life!



The name sake of our farm and our first love. She is 20 yrs old registered Percheron standing at 17.3 hands. Mother to Jet & Earl. She is the mother to all and a loyal best friend. She is versatile pulling wagons, carriages, showing in fairs, parades, weddings, and all sorts of special events. She is 1 of our 4 lesson horses and is Sheilarae's Queen and Top Mare on the Farm. Faith is the one who started it all. 


21 year old registers Percheron, standing at 17 hands. She is our mountain girl and so tough. Lori is Faith's partner for life and they make the perfect pulling team. Lori is laid back and easy going but still loves to have fun. Lessons, Trails, Wagons, Fireworks, you name it. It doesn't faze her. She is the resident babysitter of all the animals and loves her riding lesson kiddos. Although, her favorite is food! 



6 year old registered Percheron standing at 17.3 hands. Ochee is a new upcoming girl from Oklahoma and momma to our youngest Stargazer. She is smart and full of beauty and elegance. She loves attention and loves to perform. Young horses require a commitment from you to be all they can be for you. She is such a sweetheart, and we are so lucky to have her growing up in our group! 

Gem Stone

20 years old registered Percheron standing at 17.3 hands. Partner to Nikki and mama to many foals through her years. She loves her lesson riders and strides to be that horse everyone loves and talks about. Her youngest student is 5yrs old!! 



8 year old registered Percheron standing at 19 hands, almost 7ft tall at the withers. Jet is foal to Faith and older brother to Earl. Like all other young boys, Jet is full of fun and energy. He has taken the role as Alfa of the pack. He is a leader and protector with such a kind heart carrying himself with fire and elegance. Jet was born in a late snow and carried to the barn by his pal for life, Curt. From that moment on the two were bonded for life. Named by our Aviator son, that he surely lives up to. He and Curt saddle up for trail rides and he knows how to strut his stuff. He's huge, handsome, and oh so loved. 



6 year old registered Percheron standing at 19+ hands. Faith's baby boy and brother to Jet. Early one morning as we all headed to the airport for flights out, there he was. All went amazing and this guy is such a hoot. He is so silly but willing to do what’s asked, with a full of sprint way.  Earl is continuing his discipline and respect training under harness. He and his brother make such a beautiful pair. It won’t be long for this brother team to show their stuff and perform. He’s a kid still and has his moments but he and his brother are my up and coming guys! We love our boys! 


Our youngest boy. He's a big muscle man and a dude. Born one night, to mama Ochelette standing out under the clear sky. Stargazer just laying looking up at the sky and all the stars! We arrived home from picking up family at the airport to find all kinds of new arrivals that day! Stargazer has the best personality, and he’s upcoming in the Percheron world! Can't wait to see his potential!!


Johnny Cash

Cash is our newest addition to the Percheron herd having come home in the summer of 2023. He was an Amish workhorse for much of his life, but he is just as regal and proud-looking as a show horse. The blaze on his face makes him a standout in the pasture!

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